Share your world in a card!

Now with TRYMMS you can easily create and send all the information you want in one simple, beautifully designed, awesome dynamic card.

Your Card can be anything you want!  Whether you wish to share Business Information, Greeting Messages, Product Details, Advertisement, CV, Photo Albums or anything else you desire - just create your personalized card and send it directly from your phone to friends, family, customers and beyond, via email, SMS, QR-Code or Facebook.

TRYMMS customized cards are dynamic, flexible and updatable at any moment directly from your device.

TRYMMS features:

  • Create and share your Cards directly from your iPhone in seconds!
  • Fast and powerful three step Card Builder
  • Fill your info easily with preset contact fields
  • Transfer and share your Card with built-in QR-Code scanner
  • Choose from our large collection of ready designed cool backgrounds
  • Link your Cards with other Cards, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many more
  • Embed images and videos directly from Picasa Web Albums account
  • Upload captured videos and photos directly to your Picasa Web Albums account
  • Send QR-Code image of your Card by email
  • Share your Card through SMS (Text messaging)
  • Scan and manage QR Codes off printed material to access additional content
  • Build a personal web site or blog for a specific purpose (e.g. special occasion or promotion)
  • Create dynamic Cards from predesigned templates
  • Keep your contacts automatically updated with any changes of your card

Whether you wish to build a personal web site, blog, e-commerce site, or a web site for a specific occasion or promotion, TRYMMS's unique and simple yet powerful Card Builder engine will do the work for you!

TRYMMS Cards work on all popular smartphone and tablet platforms.




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