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About Us

Established in 2008, TRYMMS is an innovative young company focused developing low cost, end-user driven mobile networking and advertising solutions.

Holding many years working knowledge and experience in developing and distributing mobile technology solutions, the TRYMMS team aims to fill the need currently existent in the mobile market for advanced, user friendly mobile networking platforms.

What exactly do we do?

TRYMMS deals in mobile media development and distribution and currently develops advanced cellular applications and services, supplying mobile networking solutions including mobile electronic business cards, personal greeting cards and mobile direct marketing and advertising.

TRYMMS's range of solutions currently includes:

  • Electronic business card development and design
  • Personal electronic greeting card development and design
  • Mobile marketing and advertising
  • SMS/MMS (mobile marketing image messages) packages

TRYMMS aims to continue providing its clients top-rated services at competitive costs, while continuously updating its services using the latest in mobile technologies.

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